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My Racial Awareness Course with Prince Harry

I made the acquaintance of Prince Harry during my racial awareness course. At first, I was very pleased to meet this hero of the British army, who is already a lieutenant at 24 years old, but I was a bit disappointed that he did not wear the German Afrika Korps uniform that made him famous all over the world five years ago. He told me then that he had lent it to Max Mosley, who needed it for his next costume party “Colonial hunter and native bird,” in exchange for a free VIP ticket for the Silverstone Grand Prix. Of course, I was quite surprised to see a young lad of royal blood at a racial awareness course, but when I asked Prince Harry why he was obliged to go through such a chore, he had to admit that he had no idea. He had just called one of his Paki fellow cadets a “Paki,” and seemingly there was something wrong with it, because his dad had got very upset and had sent him here to “improve his vocabulary.” Continue reading