Monthly Archives: February 2010

Who is Quilgars?

For some months now, a certain Quilgars has been spitting out his venom on the Internet and has regularly published satiric articles about British current affairs on his blog, in French and English alike. With a rare dishonesty, this disgusting Frog got into the habit of making completely irrelevant remarks about our country’s politics, economics, culture and life style, and through columns, letters and anecdotes has been expressing his point of view on Britain – a country he does not apparently know and can never know, given the natural limitations of the French brain. He has pushed ignominy to the point of vandalising one of our greatest poems by calling his blog “Oh, to blog in London!,” thus showing his complete disdain for English Romantic poetry. Obviously, the IQ of this wannabe Robert Browning does not even equal half that of one of Sir Peter Viggers’ ducks.

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