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My Letter of Recommendation for Gordon Brown for the Post of Social Worker

Dear Head of Council,

I have been asked to write a letter of recommendation for Mr Gordon Brown and I am very pleased to do so. Gordon has been employed by UK Limited as Prime Minister from June 27, 2007 to May 11, 2010. His responsibilities included defending the interests of the City, playing down the Iraq War and discrediting New Labour to the last. He achieved this triple target to perfection. Thanks to him, the colossal private debt of the banks was transferred to the public purse, the British Army is now bogged down in Afghanistan without any hope of an honourable ending, and the Tories have just formed their government. Continue reading


D-Day Training for Eton Lads

In last June, a group of pupils from Eton College had the privilege of staying a full week in a German bunker on a Normandy’s beach, while outside the setting of the Overlord Operation was recreated thanks to fireworks and other pyrotechnic devices. This immersion in the traumatic German experience of D-Day – the idea of their history teacher, Mr Montgomery – was intended to give our country’s young elite, besides some basic knowledge of World War II, a vivid, metaphoric representation of the current financial state of the UK, and to make them be aware of the kind of virtues they will be expected to show, as leaders, to tackle the economic recession. Continue reading

Dubaï et la City : considérations inopportunes sur la richesse et le mérite

Personne n’a étonné d’apprendre que, parmi les créditeurs étrangers, les banques britanniques étaient les plus exposées à Dubaï World, le conglomérat d’Etat qui s’est avéré incapable de payer ses dettes, tant la folie des grandeurs de l’émirat du Golfe et la mégalomanie des banquiers anglais et écossais semblaient parfaitement correspondre, outre évidemment leurs intérêts communs bien compris. En revanche, on a pu apprendre avec intérêt qu’environ 100 000 britanniques vivaient à Dubaï – la communauté occidentale la plus importante –, et que toute une armada de professionnels utiles (banquiers, traders, avocats, comptables, consultants, négociants, etc.) exerceraient là-bas ses talents, en conformité donc avec le profil économique de ce minuscule territoire. D’ailleurs, le voyage à Dubaï était presque devenu une étape obligée du cursus honorum des financiers, une expérience fructueuse dans l’apprentissage des Wilhelm Meister de la banque. Continue reading